Monday, May 13, 2013

The Librarians

I started watching the comedy from Australia called the Librarians. It's hilarious! I hope libraries don't experience these sorts of problems. Every episode there are strange things coming into the return bin. The entire cast of characters make it fun to watch.

I'm watching it on since I don't have a DVR anymore. I'm not really excited about watching the commercials since I used to zoom right past them and never watch. I watch while I am eating or want to take a quick break between chores.

As of May 20, I watched the entire series and I enjoyed every episode. I wonder what the characters are going to do next season? Oh, the ongoing obstacles and drama in the life of Frances O'Brien, head librarian....... I thought she was really cute when she brought people together, maybe it was under duress at times, but she ended up doing the right thing.

It seems like there needs to be a surfing sitcom from Australia with frequent guest stars of famous surfers. A sitcom about surfing could delve into environmental issues, show the gorgeous scenery and ocean, show the culture of Australia, and the writer could make it funny and dramatic.

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