Friday, May 03, 2013


In the last three days, I overheard two amazing husbands. The first was at See's Candies at the Northgate Mall buying large boxes of chocolates for his wife and mother. He was carefully selecting the chocolates and made sure it was going to be nice. I said that I bet his wife sure loves him! Today I overheard another handsome man in Target talk on his cell phone to his wife telling her that he loved her. It's nice to know that there are these wonderful men out there and that they exist. This kind of attention and gestures go a long way with women and any woman who doesn't appreciate them are nuts! I bet they take their wives out to dinner and are thoughtful and kind. I bet they go dancing and plan vacations and surprises. I bet they appreciate all that their wives do for them and tell them. It sure was nice to see and hear.

I always like to see when people are good to each other and when people are kind to one another. It makes me happy.

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