Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Century Link

I was shocked to open my bill from Century Link and find that it is going to be $136.80 a month for internet and phone. I was told at the Northgate Mall here in Seattle that it would never be over $74, even if the amount was raised so why is it $136.80?
I changed from Comcast because my bill was $164. Then I finally got it down to $120. I wanted to save money so I gave up television. So now I am missing Survivor every week. I have no idea who got voted off or what is happening.

I think it is outrageous that businesses can charge whatever they want. Century Link advertises a five year locked in price of $19.95 for the Internet and if you get the super duper Internet speed it is $29.95 so how does this translate into internet and phone for $136.80?

I was welcomed into the Century Link family. I need from Century Link services and bills that they promise and delivery as promised.

Maybe someone needs to work on price controls. This is outrageous!

Last week I got a notice that my bill was going to be $105. I called. They said, "That's right." I went into the mall office at Northgate mall for Century Link and they said, "It's about right." Then when I got this real bill, it is even higher.

The end result as of today, May 9th is that Century Link agreed to back off a $31 installation charge but my monthly bill is still going to be around $105, which is higher than I thought. When I asked if I could just have Internet, they said that the price would be the same because I needed to bundle the phone and Internet to keep it at $105.

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