Thursday, May 09, 2013

Something to consider................

Sometimes an issue bothers me until I write about it. I have been thinking about this for awhile and I hope that I am able to express this point of view clear enough.

I don't like conflict and I like to stay in the safe zone but sometimes you have to say something, you must speak up. I believe strongly in using words, logic, and the law and never physical violence or causing harm.

Something happened this evening that brought this issue to the forefront in my mind again and I can't sleep. Please consider my words. I hope it can make a difference to help a lot of people.

When Pope Francis became Pope, I thought that he is the one who might do something about this issue so I am asking him, too, to consider my words. Pope Francis is a scholar, someone who believes in social justice, and not a religious snob. He is of the people. I'm not Catholic but from the Catholic church the answer just might come for it is a strong and powerful church.

Through the centuries, the Catholic church has harbored homosexuals. I believe this to be true. Just as the Catholic church has been the protector of learning, books, and education through the centuries, I believe this church has been the safe haven for homosexuals; otherwise, there would not be all the gay priests. This is not a new issue. Consider the book, Pope Joan too.

Many right wing conservative churches believe strongly that homosexuals are evil or not normal and that God doesn't shine down upon homosexuals with approval. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of these churches. Other religions believe this way too. Mormons were instrumental in preventing gay marriage in California and stopping it cold.

Homosexuals or gay people have always been with us. Look at history.

If God made every person on earth and sometimes I'm not sure I believe in God anymore after the last 15 years that have been unusually difficult for me and so many different churches have been such a disappointment to me, I ask this.... If God made every person on earth, then he is pleased and his creations are a perfection. Homosexuals were born this way. I doubt very much that any person would want to experience the kind of harassment and torment and prejudice that comes to gay people unless they were truly born that way. So this means that God made them in his perfection. Remember when Jesus, the good Jewish boy, said that everyone should love one another. This is one of the most important things he asked of everyone. He asked that we love everyone, no matter how difficult they are or how different they are from us. That's the challenge and not easy. He said to love fat people, people of color, people who don't look like we do, people who live on the other side of the world, people who have different opinions.

In the last six months, I met a nun in a catholic school who looked like she was gay. I really had that thought. That brought up the book Pope Joan that I read in a book club. There have been gay Boy Scout leaders. There have been gay priests. So many gay people trying to be good and do the right thing. They are human. Would gay priests have abused young choir boys, if they were allowed to be gay and marry? I think not. Would gay Boy Scout leaders have abused young boys if they were allowed to be gay and marry? I think not.

Our failure with this issue, I believe is that we need to realize that people who are born gay are loved by God and are perfect just as they are. No one should ask a gay person not to be gay. Priests who are gay should be allowed to marry. Homosexuals should be allowed to marry without prejudice or loss. God wants people to be happy and to be their unique selves. He wants us to learn from each other. He wants us to live in peace and be kind to each other.

I hope my words will be considered and have a positive impact. Although I am not gay, I sincerely hope that those who are will be allowed to be themselves in peace without judgment or harm.

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