Monday, May 20, 2013

Joann Fabrics

I enjoy helping people at Joann Fabrics. I have a part time job at the Shoreline store on Aurora. It's only three miles from my apartment.

The last time I worked, I waited on this neat lady from Australia who was on a cruise to Alaska and was visiting in Seattle. It was fun to talk to her. I have always wondered about living in Australia. Near the end of my four hour shift, I waited on a couple who were picking out a crochet hook to "clean up dreadlocks." I was fascinated to learn about something new and helped them pick out a metal hook that was big enough to grab the hair to pull it back into the dreads. Another lady a couple of months ago was from Sweden. I sold her chocolate cookie fabric for an apron. She lives in northern Sweden. I'm half Swedish.

It's special to wait on all the people that come to the store. I really enjoy helping people and to see all the creative projects people are working on. So many heroes walk through the door buying fabric to donate to nonprofits or church groups. Some make quilts or blankets and knitted hats for children or seniors. So many nice people.

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