Wednesday, May 01, 2013


I recently bought a keyboard for $119 at Best Buy. I have missed playing the piano. I grew up with music because my mother was a piano teacher. It's fun to play the piano and I have really enjoyed myself the last few days. I steal moments to play. I was looking for music and I wonder why in the world don't they sell books of music differently. There should be books of music that are all in the key of C and then books of music with one flat or one sharp and then books of music with two sharps or two flats and on and on. The point is that when you buy a book and there is a mixture of the key of C and 6 sharps, unless you are an expert on the piano, you can't play all the music unless you practice, practice, practice. I dream of buying a book of classical music in the key of C and then I will buy 1 sharp. It will be easier.

I was very grateful when the guy in the music area gave me a book of music. He said it couldn't be sold because it was left behind. It's fun to play the songs that are the easy ones.

My mother refused to give me piano lessons because she said I had no talent because I could play by ear. I created my "symphony" at 5 which was only a few bars long but it was a big deal to me. I have always loved music. I had to steal lessons and teaching by watching the students who came into our front room and listen. Sometimes I sat next to the student on the piano bench but I had to be very quiet and not say a word. I know how to read most music. I'm not used to playing 5 flats and 5 sharps but I could with practice. I have a big block with music because I was not allowed to thrive and blossom. I should start taking lessons but I can't do everything I want to do and I certainly can't afford to do everything I want to do right now.

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